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Dart Shade

Shallow water lure

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This swims and rolls around the shallow area.
It makes fish bite since the assembled rip can make it swim very aggressive and then the big waves have been happened in the water.
In addition, it has the amazing ability to make fish bite by reflection of the side hologram which is brought out by the strong rolling.
Since the magnet centered-weight moving system is equipped, we are proud of the casting distance and stability of the action.
Since you can dominate the 50 meter range from the surface, the ability works under the situation in which fish don't react against top water range.
It is the best for you to try the above of the shallow flat area and the weed.
The strong point of it is "Flashing" caused by wave and rolling action.

Product Specifications
Length 110 mm
Weight 14.4 g
Depth 0.5 - 0.8 m
Type Floating
Action Wobbling & Rolling
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